Thursday, July 30, 2009

Man Charged Having Sex With Horse


COLUMBIA, S.C. -- A South Carolina man was charged with having sex with a horse after the animal's owner caught the act on videotape, then staked out the stable and caught him at shotgun point, authorities said Wednesday.

But this wasn't the first time Rodell Vereen has been charged with buggery. He pleaded guilty last year to having sex with the same horse after owner Barbara Kenley found him in the same stable and was sentenced to probation and placed on the state's sex offender list.

Kenley said she noticed several weeks ago her 21-year-old horse Sugar was acting strange and getting infections again. She noticed things in the barn had been moved around - dirt piled up and bales of hay stacked near the horse's stall at her Lazy B Stables in Longs, about 20 miles northeast of Myrtle Beach.

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Scholar Yells Racism

henry gates


Now that Henry Louis Gates’ Jr. has gotten a tiny taste of what “the underclass” undergo each day, do you think that he will go easier on them? Lighten up on the tough love lectures? Even during his encounter with the police, he was given some slack. If a black man in an inner city neighborhood had hesitated to identify himself, or given the police some lip, the police would have called SWAT. When Oscar Grant, an apprentice butcher, talked back to a BART policeman in Oakland , he was shot!

Given the position that Gates has pronounced since the late eighties, if I had been the arresting officer and post-race spokesperson Gates accused me of racism, I would have given him a sample of his own medicine. I would have replied that “race is a social construct”--the line that he and his friends have been pushing over the last couple of decades.

After this experience, will Gates stop attributing the problems of those inner city dwellers to the behavior of “thirty five-year-old grandmothers living in the projects?” (Gates says that when he became a tough lover he was following the example of his mentor Nobel Laureate Wole Soyinka as though his and Soyinka’s situations were the same. As a result of Soyinka’s criticisms of a Nigerian dictator, he was jailed and his life constantly threatened.)

Prior to the late eighties, Gates’ tough love exhortations were aimed at racism in the halls of academe, but then he signed on to downtown feminist reasoning that racism was a black male problem. Karen Durbin, who hired him to write for The Village Voice, takes credit for inventing him as a “public intellectual.” He was then assigned by Rebecca Penny Sinkler, former editor of The New York Times Book Review, to do a snuff job on black male writers. In an extraordinary review, he seemed to conclude that black women writers were good, not because of their merit, but because black male writers were bad. This was a response to an article by Mel Watkins, a former book review editor, who on his way out warned of a growing trend that was exciting the publisher’s cash registers. Books that I would describe as high Harlequin romances, melodramas in which saintly women were besieged by cruel black male oppressors, the kind of image of the brothers promoted by confederate novelists Thomas Nelson Page and Thomas Dixon.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What Needs to be Done to End Racial Profiling

In one week, President Obama covered the waterfront on racial politics. Although, in his address to the delegates at the NAACP's Centennial he said, "an African-American child is roughly five times as likely as a white child to see the inside of a jail," he also used the same "personal responsibility" rhetoric as he has every time he has spoken to African American audiences as candidate and president. Just days later, he would answer a question at a prime time press conference regarding the arrest of African American Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. that would place him in the middle of the debate on racial profiling.

"Personal responsibility," a Republican vocabulary word born in the Reagan era, plays politically well among moderate and conservative Whites, and even among some White liberals who, unfortunately, have a hard time distinguishing reality from the right-wing noise machine. The "personal responsibility" argument suggests that there is some inherent pathology within African Americans that is disabling. "Personal responsibility" is the modern day replacement for the antebellum term that endured through the middle of the 20th century -- "shiftlessness."

Today, Republicans argue "personal responsibility/shiftlessness" most frequently with the statistic that 70% of African American children are born to single mothers. But according to the Institute for Policy Studies, "the increase in the share of White children living in a single parent home has been much higher (229%) than for Black children (155%) since 1960." Yet Whites are never accused of lacking personal responsibility or preached to about the subject. And sometimes we Democrats, Lefties and Progressives are too quick to repeat what the Right has popularly propagandized without a careful analysis of this rhetoric's roots.

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How Companies Profit off Prisoners


Dr. Byron Price is a black scholar with a mission. His book, "Merchandizing Prisoners" opens the door for a discussion on how the African American community is being financially pillaged by the prison industry. You may not know this, but private corporations earn money from inmate incarceration and have a direct financial incentive to house more inmates. This is a problem, since unfocused profit maximization does not make room for the dual-significance of social progress. Dr. Price is one of the leading scholars in America and he has taken it upon himself to help solve this problem.

1) What is your name and what do you do for a living?
Byron E. Price, Associate Professor, Political Science Department and Interim Director, Barbara Jordan Institute for Policy Research
2) Tell us about your book? What does it teach us?
According to National Union of Public and General Employees, "This book examines the steady growth of private, for-profit prison firms and the correctional-commercial complex that has developed tangentially with the private prison industry. It also details the strange bedfellows that have been brought together to expand this industry.

I underscore how these for-profit private prison companies have gone public and are trading on the stock exchanges and the inimical impact of prisons being publicly traded. The book debunks many of the claims as to why states seek prison privatization and demonstrates that incarceration is the new form of slavery....This work sets the record straight about the decision to privatize state prisons, revealing the political bias that often drives these policy choices."

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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dr Boyce Watkins of Syracuse University Speaks with Anderson Cooper – 7/25/09

Dr Boyce Watkins of Syracuse University and Anderson Cooper discuss the case of Harvard Professor, Henry Louis GatesClick here to watch the video!

Dr. Peniel Joseph: America’s Post-Racial Hangover

With the Gates fiasco, the rosy glow has faded

Our National Postracial Hangover 1

AP Photo, Cambridge Police Department

by Dr. Peniel E. Joseph

My first reaction to watching the unfolding Saga of Skip Gates's Cambridge Arrest was that America's postracial bubble, like its recent economic troubles, was about to pop. The fact that some observers had never bought into the story of a race-free America purged of its past sins by a watershed presidential election had done little to diminish either that narrative's moral resonance or political weight.

Since America's racial disparities remain as deep-rooted after Barack Obama's election as they were before, it was only a matter of time until the myth of postracism exploded in our collective national face. That they would rear their ugly head in the form of an intellectual and racial cause célèbre is fitting, since black scholars and activists have been engaged in a robust debate over the meaning of race in the Age of Obama.

Suddenly Obama's recent declaration before the NAACP—that American blacks have come farther than at any other time in our country's history—seems suspect, our national progress undone by the fact that Gates's predicament has become a metaphor for the nation's legacy of racial discrimination.

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Your Black News: Dr Boyce Watkins on The Montel Williams Show

Dr Boyce Watkins of Syracuse University spoke with TV and radio show host Montel Williams on Monday.  The conversation focused on race and racial profiling.  They are going to also speak on financial advice in the future.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dr Boyce Watkins, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Charles Ogletree on the radio



Tomorrow morning, July 26, 2009 at 8:30 am EST, Dr Boyce Watkins of Syracuse University will appear on the Jesse Jackson Show with Rev. Al Sharpton and Harvard Law Professor Charles Ogletree.  The conversation will center around the recent arrest of  Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates.

OK Henry Louis Gates: Let’s Now Create that “Teachable Moment”

Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. was arrested last week on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Boyce Watkins
Professor, Syracuse University

I’d hate to be the bearer of bad news, but you are infected with a disease. The disease that has infected you is called racism. The disease is a silent killer, not of our bodies, but of our society. It also deteriorates the brain and makes us delusional, as we sometimes see things that are not really there or refuse to see things that are actually right in front of us. What’s worse is that we know the disease is in the fabric of our institutions, but it is difficult to pinpoint the exact location. This leads to sloppy missteps, embarrassments and damaging accusations.

Henry Louis Gates, the Prominent Harvard University Professor who was arrested this week at his home by Cambridge Police Officer James Crawley, may have been a victim of the disease of racism. Even he has gotten to the point of stating that this story is no longer about race and his buddy, President Obama, has been back-peddling faster than a free safety in the NFL. In the midst of letting go of his allegations of racism against Sgt. Crawley (which I thought was a very good idea) Professor Gates has stated that we should use this situation as a “teaching moment.” It is also my hope that Dr. Gates understands that the first step toward being a good professor is to learn how to be a good student. As a professor myself, I am hopeful that he will allow me to teach the first class.


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Friday, July 24, 2009

When Is Racial Profiling Not Racial Profiling?

Wilmer Leon

By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

When is racial profiling not racial profiling? When the facts or circumstances fail to fit the accepted definition.

In 1999, the Oxford American Dictionary (OAD) provided a definition of racial profiling for the first time. “Racial profiling: an alleged police policy of stopping and searching vehicles driven by people from particular racial groups.” In 2005 the ACLU provided the broader definition as follows, "Racial Profiling" refers to the discriminatory practice by law enforcement officials of targeting individuals for suspicion of crime based on the individual's race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. Criminal profiling, generally, as practiced by police, is the reliance on a group of characteristics they believe to be associated with crime… Racial profiling does not refer to the act of a law enforcement agent pursuing a suspect in which the specific description of the suspect includes race or ethnicity in combination with other identifying factors.” Intent is a key element in evaluating this circumstance. It does not appear by any of the facts as stated that Sgt. Crowley focused on, targeted or arrested Dr. Gates based upon his race (human), ethnicity, religion, or national origin.

One unfortunate outcome of the Dr. Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. arrest in Cambridge, MA has been a rush to judgment by many who should know better. To immediately place Dr. Gates’ unfortunate arrest into the category of “racial profiling” does a great disservice to the volumes of cases that fit the accepted definition.

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Cosby Speaks on Gates arrest


bill cosby


University of Massachusetts graduate and African American leader Bill Cosby spoke Thursday about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Cosby, who has frequently spoken critically about the state of black America, remarked, "Those two men need to realize the importance and how this is brewing."

Though charges against Gates were dropped, the professor still wants an apology from Sgt. James Crowley.

"What it made me realize," said Gates, "is how vulnerable all black men are, how vulnerable all people of color are and all poor people are to [police]."

Meanwhile, Crowley has said, "I'm not apologizing. I have nothing to apologize for."

Cosby just wants a resolution.

"You don't have to shake hands," Cosby said. "You sit together and say to the public, 'this is what happened,' so that people can go on about their lives without worrying about what color one happens to be."


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dr Boyce Watkins Weighs in on the Obama Press Conference

By Dr. Boyce Watkins

Syracuse University

10:00 PM on 07/22/2009

Obama champions the middle class and his Harvard pal

Obama responds to questions during a news conference Wednesday, July 22, 2009.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

I found myself enjoying President Obama's Healthcare pitch to the nation on prime time television, as he explained (as most politicians do) why the world will come to an end if we don't adopt his policies. His arguments were strong and valid, and he made it clear that he was out to help the middle class by letting rich folks pay the bill. I'm all for that.

I noticed how the president used the words "middle class" about 20 times through the night, and allowed nine different reporters to ask questions, none of them African American. But then again, it might have been tough for President Obama to find black people in the room, since there sure as heck didn't seem to be very many around.

Less predictable was the racial bombshell that President Obama saved for last on Wednesday night. After being asked about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates, a prominent Harvard University professor, Obama spent just a few minutes reminding the world that he was not only a black man, but that that he was also an alumnus of Harvard University.

The man who some feel embodies the essence of a post-racial America was suddenly willing to candidly discuss race on behalf of his wealthy Harvard associate. What is incredibly ironic is that these were probably the most post-racial comments Obama has ever made, since they further opened the door to class warfare in America.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sometimes Even When You’re Right, You’re Wrong

By Wilmer Leon


On Thursday July 16, 2009 after returning from a trip to China, Harvard University scholar Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. had difficulty opening the front door of the home he leases from Harvard.  After he and his driver struggled with the front door Dr. Gates gained entry through the back door of the home, shut off the alarm, opened the front door, and the driver left.

According to Cambridge Police Department Incident Report #9005127, a neighbor called the police and reported a possible breaking and entering at the residence. The woman “…observed what appeared to be two black males with backpacks on the porch...”  Her suspicions were aroused when, “…she observed one of the men wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry.”  The uniformed police officer went to the front door, saw Dr. Gates standing in the foyer and asked him to step out onto the porch.  Dr. Gates refused.

According to the Incident Report, after identifying himself as Sgt. Crowly and explaining that he was “investigating a report of a break-in in progress” at the residence, Dr. Gates opened the front door and stated, “why, because I’m a black man in America?”  After supplying the officer with Harvard University identification, the officer radioed for Harvard University Police.

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Gates Charges are Dropped

henry gates 

Prosecutors dropped a disorderly conduct charge Tuesday against prominent black scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr., who was arrested at his home near Harvard University after a report of a break-in.

The city of Cambridge issued a statement saying the arrest "was regrettable and unfortunate" and police and Gates agreed that dropping the charge was a just resolution.

"This incident should not be viewed as one that demeans the character and reputation of professor Gates or the character of the Cambridge Police Department," the statement said.

Supporters say Gates -- the director of Harvard's W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research -- was the victim of racial profiling.

Officers responded to the home Gates rents from Harvard after a woman reported seeing "two black males with backpacks on the porch," with one "wedging his shoulder into the door as if he was trying to force entry," according to a police report.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hip Hop Doesn’t Have to be Negative


Hip hop star Vigalantee talks on “Kansas City After Hours” about how Hip Hop can be improved.  Click to watch!

Henry Louis Gates Arrested: More Facts



Note by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University

I spoke with another high ranking police official about the Gates case.  He is pretty candid with me about most things, so I believe what he had to say.  Here were his thoughts:

1) Disorderly conduct is an easy trap to fall into.  When dealing with an officer who gets out of line, you should cooperate and then deal with the situation later.  If Gates argued with the officer and yelled at him from the porch, that opened the door for him to be arrested.

2) If there were extra officers at the scene, it's likely that they were called when the officer arrived and realized that there were two men in the house (Gates and the driver) and only one of him.  It's standard procedure to call for additional backup when you are outnumbered.   But then again, I am not sure if the driver had left by then or not.

3) There are usually extraneous variables that have to be checked out in these situations.  For example, even though Gates showed that he owned the home, he could have had a restraining order against him filed by his wife in the middle of a nasty divorce.  Given that Gates had appeared to be breaking into the house (by pushing the door), the officer would be expected to make sure that Gates was not there to hurt his wife or do something illegal.  Of course this sounds absurd in this case, but there are many cases where husbands break into the homes of their estranged wives in order to hurt them.

Just thought I would share these facts.  The conversation was very interesting and insightful.

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill: Fox News Pundit Says No More No Homo

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill

Fox News political contributor Dr. Marc Lamont Hill wants to put an end to the pop culture catchphrase "no homo."

"No homo" was originated by rap star Cam'ron, who had an affinity for wearing anything pink but didn't want it to be perceived as "gay."

Since being made popular by Cam'ron and his Dipset hip-hop crew, the expression has evolved into a ubiquitous slang term used to chase any phrase, action or idea that could be perceived as linguistically gay.

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Antoine Walker Goes to Court Over Gambling Debts

Antoine Walker

Former NBA all-star Antoine Walker appeared briefly in a Las Vegas court to face criminal charges in a case involving an $822,500 casino gambling debt.

The 6-foot-9 Walker said nothing inside or outside the courtroom as he appeared Monday with his lawyer, Jonathan Powell, on three felony counts of writing bad checks. Powell also declined comment.

Each charge carries a possible one- to four-year prison term.

Walker remains free on $135,000 cash bail posted Thursday following his arrest at a Lake Tahoe hotel. Walker was in northern Nevada to play in a weekend celebrity golf tournament.

Walker wasn't asked to enter a plea before a Las Vegas justice of the peace set a Sept. 16 date for an evidentiary hearing.


Chris Rock: Nearly Tops Richest Comic List



When it comes to cashing in his earnings, comedian Chris Rock is no joke.

The actor-producer has been so proactive over the last year, from lending his voice to 'Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa,' starring in forthcoming flicks 'Death at a Funeral' and 'Grown Ups.' To debuting his latest top-rated HBO special 'Kill the Messenger,' all of which has landed him a spot as Forbes' second richest comedian, with $42 million.
You may be surprised to hear who topped Rock at number one. Head over to EURweb to find out more.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Dr Boyce on Michael Vick

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University

Michael Vick is finally out of prison. He is not just being transferred from one prison to another, but actually free. I am happy for Michael, but I worry. I never agreed with the way the world treated Michael Vick, and I stated this fact everywhere people would listen. At the same time, I never thought that Michael Vick was innocent, and I actually thought he was a knuckle-head. The truth, however, is that treating him like a mass murderer over his youthful indiscretion was simply uncalled for.

Vick's treatment by the media is nothing new: Every year, there is at least one black male athlete chosen as public enemy number one. This person is villified as if they'd stabbed the pope and shot a newborn baby. Before Vick, there was Randy Moss, Ron Artest, Latrell Sprewell, Barry Bonds, OJ Simpson, Muhammad Ali, Jack Johnson and others. The funny thing about it is that white athletes also commit crimes, but we are somehow convinced that most of the perpetrators of bad behavior are African American. What you see through the camera lens is largely a function of where the camera is pointed, since the media can only report about .1% of everything that happens at any given time. The camera is usually aimed away from black athletes doing good things, like Myron Rolle, the former Florida State Seminol who passed up on the NFL draft to study at Oxford. Instead, it tends to be pointed toward athletes who do things that embarrass their families. Simultaneously, the 2006 exposure of the drunken chaos at places like Duke University reveals that athletes of all ethnicities get themselves into ridiculous situations.

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Black Scholar Henry Louis Gates Arrested

Harvard University’s Henry Louis Gates Jr., director of the W.E.B. DuBois Institute for African & African American Studies, was arrested July 16 on a charge of disorderly conduct.

Gates, 58, a resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Harvard’s main campus is located, was arrested after “exhibiting loud and tumultuous behavior,” according to a report on the Cambridge Police Department’s Web site. Cambridge police officials declined to comment and said the case was under investigation by Office of the Middlesex District Attorney. A call to the DA’s office wasn’t immediately returned.


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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Your Black News: Rev Run’s Son Has a Guilty Plea

JoJo Simmons who is the son of Rev Run plead guilty for his charge of disorderly conduct. The charge stems from May when he was caught with Marijuana and then tried to fight the police. JoJo’s plea deal allows him to escape jail time and he now only has to serve one day of community service. Must be nice!!!

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Your Black News: Man Arrested for Gun that Killed Mcnair

The Tennessee man accused of selling the gun used to kill former NFL quarterback Steve McNair is in custody facing a federal charge of being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm, authorities said Friday.

Police say Adrian Gilliam admitted he sold Sahel Kazemi the gun she used to kill NFL quarterback Steve McNair.

Police say Adrian Gilliam admitted he sold Sahel Kazemi the gun she used to kill NFL quarterback Steve McNair.

"This is another example of what can happen with a gun when a felon is selling it on the street with little to no interest other than just selling it for 100 bucks," said Nashville, Tennessee, Police Chief Ronal Serpas.

Authorities said federal agents traced the gun used in the Fourth of July murder-suicide to Household Pawn in Nashville, which sold it in January 2002.

"Further investigation revealed the 9 mm pistol was later sold for approximately $100 to Adrian Gilliam approximately one to one and a half years ago," Nashville police said in a news release.

Gilliam, 33, of LaVergne, Tennessee, told detectives that on July 2 he sold the gun for about the same price to Sahel Kazemi outside a shopping mall.

Police said Kazemi, McNair's 20-year-old girlfriend, used the gun two days later to fatally shoot McNair -- a former Tennessee Titans quarterback and married father of four -- and herself in McNair's condominium in downtown Nashville.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Your Black News: The Tangled Webs We Weave

Back in December, Antoine Walker was waived by the Memphis Grizzlies and wasn't picked up by another team. So what did he do with all that free time? It looks like he was gambling. According to the Associated Press, Walker is facing criminal charges over $822,500 in gambling debt to three Las Vegas casinos.
The Clark County District Attorney's office says that Walker is facing three felony counts of writing 10 bad checks totaling $1 million to Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood and the Red Rock Resort. Apparently, Walked repaid $178,000 of that debt but is still on the hook for more than $800,000. He also owes the district attorney's office more than $82,000 in legal fees regarding the criminal charges. A warrant was issued for his arrest.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Kids Kicked out of Swimming Pool for Being Black


What is the economic cost of racism?  Children from a predominantly black daycare were kicked out of a white country club pool for no apparent reason.  Some argue that it was because they were black.

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Your Black Money: Young Black Entrepreneurs Win Big Prize

Awarded 25K Grant in National Business Plan Competition


After competing against hundreds of minority owned businesses across the country, dangerousNEGRO Black Empowerment Apparel (dN|Be Apparel) was recently awarded $25,000 at the culmination of MillerCoors’ Urban Entrepreneur Series (MUES). Owners Tre Baker, Justin Giboney, Sebastine Ujereh, and Demetrius Walker were on hand to accept the prize at Chicago’s Blackstone Hotel. Known for being an edgy, yet socially conscious streetwear line, dN|Be Apparel has proven that it has a profitable business concept, which will undoubtedly expand as the company continues to accept new capital from enthusiastic investors this summer.

Hatched from President Woodrow Wilson’s 1919 characterization of A. Phillip Randolph as “America’s most dangerous Negro,” the company is best known for promoting positive messages and social awareness through its graphic tee shirts and school lectures. With tees carrying clever, universal messages like “Smart is the New Gangsta,” dN|Be Apparel is winning over those concerned with the deterioration of social values in their community. Supporters sharing dangerousNEGRO’s rejection of the victim mentality have not only purchased shirts in mass quantities, but have also participated in discussions with company lecturers Justin Giboney and Demetrius Walker across college campuses.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

News: McNair Was Shot While He Slept


More details are starting to come out about the murder of former NFL quarterback Steve McNair and his 20-year old mistress Sahel Kazemi. According to the Associated Press, Nashville police believe that McNair was killed while he was sleeping. The evidence is leading investigators to believe that Kazemi shot McNair in the head while he slept on a couch, then shot him twice in the chest and then in the head once more. Before shooting herself, Kazemi apparently tried to position herself to fall on McNair's lap, but instead her body slid to the floor and lay at McNair's feet. The gun was found under her body.

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Your Black News: McNair’s Wife Didn’t Know about Affair

FILE -- This June 28, 2001 file photo shows Tennessee Titans ...

An associate said Wednesday that the wife of ex-NFL quarterback Steve McNair didn't know about Sahel Kazemi before the 20-year-old woman was found dead alongside her husband on the Fourth of July.

McNair, 36, was shot four times in what the medical examiner has said is likely a murder-suicide, though police haven't confirmed that Kazemi was responsible.

Mike Mu, who has worked with McNair's charitable foundation for years, said Mechelle McNair "didn't know who this girl is."

Mechelle McNair, who has not spoken publicly since the shooting, has been described by people close to her as being very upset and distraught. Agent Bus Cook said McNair's wife was "in and out" of it in the hours after the shooting.


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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hip Hop: Dr Boyce Lays Down Economic Advice for Rappers


Hip-Hop Wired’s Michael “Ice-Blue” Harris recently sat down with scholar Dr. Boyce Watkins. The Syracuse University Financial Professor and advocate for African-Americans obtaining education and economic empowerment and warrior against racial injustice goes in on a few topics affecting Black America in the first of many insightful interviews.

HipHopWired: As far as Hip-Hop is concerned, you’ve been one of the people who….you’re part of the Hip-Hop generation, you speak to the Hip-Hop generation without criticizing but you do point out some of the things that are wrong. What are some of the changes you think we as men need to step up and do with the music?

Boyce Watkins: We need to stop being high paid hoes and learn how to be pimps. The truth is that…I actually wrote an article about this literally three days ago. Basically I created a hypothetical conversation between a rapper, a hypothetical rapper named Cash Money and the record label. Basically, Cash Money’s going to the executive and he’s saying, “Oh I know that my last album, Booties, Hoes and Bitches did real well on the charts but I’ve been thinking that this stuff’s not positive and I want to do something more positive next time, so I’m gonna do an album called Studying, Homework and Better Grades…” or something like that. I was just being silly so the executive is basically saying, “You know that’s a great idea Cash Money, I really feel ya dawg but the thing is that Booties, Hoes and Bitches sold two million copies last time and our projections show that the people who follow you, they want more booties, extra hoes and many more bitches so we’re thinking that that would be a great album title for your next release.

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