Monday, May 31, 2010

"Friend Of Failure"

Madam prezident interviews Dre Smith Double major college student, Majoring in Pyshcology and Fashion! Fashion is not just fashion, its a lifestyle!


Jenny was a bitach! I analyzed jenny & its kinda funny!


Ladies, its not a vitamin, casual sex should not be happening every single day!


Alicia Keys is pregnant by a STILL Married Man, his divorce Is not finalized!! She's gonna lose him the same way she got him!!!

Alicia Keys Pregnant BY A MARRIED MAN!

Everyone is congratulating Alicia, like this isnt a FUKD up situation!!!


Rihanna went hard on her new Video, TE AMO. Can beyonce make the same video and not catch hell?

Friday, May 21, 2010

"The Game Iz Back"

Madam Prezident, witnessed Tia Moury say "THE GAME IS OFFICIALLY RETURNING" and Everyone including writers and producers are RETURNING AZ WELL. See for yourself

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lawrence Taylor May Not Have Had Sex with the Teen

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Lawrence Taylor Didn't Have Sex with Teen: Source

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Why LeBron James Will and Should Leave Cleveland

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5 Ways African-Americans Can Use Technology for Empowerment

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Black Women Speak Out About SCOTUS Appointment

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Lena Horne and the Hollywood Shuffle

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Beyonce: 'Single Ladies' Dance Causes Uproar Amongst Parents

Monday, May 3, 2010

NCAA Gets Another 11 billion off black athletes

The NCAA men's basketball tournament is expanding, starting next season, but not on the large scale once expected.

The sport's signature event will grow to 68 teams from 65 in conjunction with a new 14-year, nearly $11 billion television agreement with CBS and Turner Sports announced Thursday. That gives the NCAA a 41% hike in annual media and marketing rights connected to the tournament — and "financial stability through the first quarter of this century," interim President Jim Isch said — without the controversy of a more dramatic move to a 96-team bracket.

Negotiations with CBS/Turner, ESPN and Fox Sports initially had targeted a 96-team field, drawing concern and criticism from traditionalists and others over the impact on the tournament's aesthetics, effect on college basketball's regular season and conference tournaments and potential for further intrusion on players' time and studies.


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