Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Black Student Refuses to Take Down His Confederate Flag

Black Man Refuses to Take Down His Confederate Flag

A student says that the confederate flag is a symbol of southern pride and not racism.  Officials have asked him to take it down, but he refuses.  Is he crazy or a visionary?  You bge the judge. 

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Wyclef Defends Charity After Being Accused of Squandering Millions

wyclef jean is being accused of mismanaging funds in his foundation

A lot of folks are asking Wyclef - where did all that money go? 

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Why are So Many Black Kids Being Arrested in School? Dr. Boyce Watkins and Dr. Christopher Emdin Discuss (Video)

Dr. Boyce:  Why are Schools Putting So Many Black Kids in Handcuffs?

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Professor Christopher Emdin respond to the report that one child per day is arrested in NYC public schools, with 93% of those kids being black or Latino.  The professors discuss the reasons behind the crisis and why kids are being criminalized in public schools all across America. 

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Natyyo Gray: Police Officer Charged with Murder After Allegedly Punching One-Year Old Daughter in the Face

Natyyo Gray, a mississippi police officer, has been charged with beating his daughter to death

Natyyo Gray is in deep trouble after the police officer's daughter was punched and beaten to death. 

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Tyler Perry Accused of Fueling His Empire with Drug Money

New book claims that Tyler Perry was fueled by drug money

It appears that Tyler Perry has a few more enemies these days, but money tends to do that. 

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Why Would a Church Tell HIV Patients to Stop Taking Their Meds? (Video)

Why Would a Church Tell HIV Patients Not to Take Their Medication?

In this video, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with Dr. Christopher House.  The conversation centers around a church that told members of its congregation to stop taking their HIV medication.  As a result, six people have died.  The video is below:

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Comedian Patrice O'neal Dies at the age of 41

RIP to actor Patrice O'neal.  He was only 41 years old when he died, so all of us have to watch our health. 

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Dr. Conrad Murray Gets 4 Years in Prison

conrad murray gets 4 years in prison

Conrad Murray isn't going to be a free man for at least another four years. 

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Sad and Shocking: NYC Public Schools Arrests One Child Per Day, 93% are Black or Latino

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Boy's Parents Sue After Dead Son's Brain Put on Display without Their Permission

A jury has awarded a settlement of over one million dollars to a New York City family after finding out that the morgue put their son's brain on display without their permission.  Jesse Jerome Shipley was 17 years old when he died in a car crash.  The parents had no idea that their son's brain was being put out for the public to see after his death.

A mere coincidence led to the discovery, as one of the classmates of Jesse's 14-year old sister saw the brain during a class field trip to the mortuary.  The brain had his name on it, which led to the identification.  Jesse's sister had been in the car crash that killed her brother, and went home to tell her parents.

The parents held a second burial for their son's brain.

The Mother of Dr. Conrad Murray Begs the Judge for Mercy

the mother of Dr. Conrad Murray begs the judge to be lenient

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Woman Says She Had a Long Affair with Herman Cain

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What Would Malcolm X Say about the State of Black Athletes in America?

what would malcolm x say about the state of the black male athlete in America

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Ryan Mack Speaks on Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and the Less Talk, More Action Tour

Ryan Mack has a lot to say about Cornel West, Tavis Smiley and the Less Talk, More Action Tour. 

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Player Celebrates TD by Shooting Himself in the Leg Like Plaxico Burress

Stevie Johnson may end up regretting this tasteless celebration. 

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Tyler Perry Writes Open Letter to Penn State 11–Year Old Sex Abuse Victim

I don’t know your name, but I know your face. I don’t know your journey, but I know where you are. I am your brother!

Woman Writes An Open Letter of Apology to the Black Man

Nojma Muhammad: An Open Letter of Apology To Black Men In Hopes of Reconciliation

A black woman writes a letter of apology to black men. 

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wesley Snipes Sued for Owing $30,000 to AMEX

Why It's Hard for Black Leaders to Pay the Bills


In this interview, Dr. Boyce Watkins speaks with Ryan Mack, the head of the Optimum Institute and Less Talk, More Action Empowerment Tour.  They discuss the difficulties of paying bills when doing community service, and Ryan even speaks candidly about why he believes he was banned from the Circle of Sisters event in New York City. 




The Less Talk, More Action Tour Wants to Partner with Your Organization

less talk, more action tour, ryan mack

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