Thursday, March 19, 2009

Rapper 50 Cent Talks Big on His Business Model

In a recent video with KING magazine 50 Cent was all talk about his role as a business man. As we all know 50 is a little cocky so it is no surprise that he thinks he's one of the top business moguls out, emphasis on HE THINKS, because I don't think everyone else feels that way. For a sneak peek at what he had to say check it out below.
Who has the best model for staying relevant to fans?

Puffy has the best model for staying relevant, because [he does it] without a song. He’s been able to maintain an interest and stay in a space to executive produce television and film projects, and stay relevant to hip-hop culture. What was the last record that made you feel like, ‘Oh, my God, Puffy is on fire’? You don’t need it. That’s what makes his business model exciting to me. There are only three of us to look at: Jay, [me] and Puff. [We have] three totally different situations. We’ve just been a part of hip-hop culture. That’s the similarity. I still think they’ll be relevant. I just think they’re like the fire hydrant: You can’t move those guys out of the street. I think they’ll [still] be the guys you need to connect with [to] get a shot.
Keep on wishing 50, you aren't anywhere near Diddy and Jay Z status. After all your show got canceled after how many episodes???
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