Friday, June 12, 2009

Group of Black Males Honored for Academic Achievements

A group of 377 high-academic-achieving black males were urged to follow three cornerstones to success Saturday by a nationally renowned author and motivational speaker.

"Dream big dreams, commit yourself to excellence and be responsible for yourself," Dennis Kimbro advised honorees and more than 1,000 other people at the 12th Annual 200 + Scholars Breakfast at the Hampton Roads Convention Center.

Kimbro refined his three seeds to greatness researching his 1998 book "What Makes the Great Great," in which he interviewed more than 150 of America's cream of the crop. Kimbro first achieved fame for his 1992 book "Think and Grow Rich — A Black Choice," an update of the bestselling classic by success guru Napoleon Hill, who died in 1970.
Kimbro offered other tips gleaned from years as a trainer and motivator, including why there is a dress code at the Clark Atlanta Business School in Atlanta, where he is a faculty member.


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