Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Seminars for Fathers on How to Succeed in Family Court





According to Eric Legette, President/Founder of Fathers With Voices (FWV), there are several major reasons that separated/divorced fathers would benefit from this seminar:

75% of fathers that contact FWV complain about the legal system and also state that they will not be successful within the legal system

40% of FWV cases involve visitation rights that have been violated

50% of FWV cases involve men who want to obtain their visitation rights

80-85% of FWV cases complain about their attorneys: they have spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and yet see no progress made in their cases

Since 1996, Fathers With Voices has accomplished its mission by assisting separated/divorced fathers throughout the United States to stay involved in their children’s lives. The success of Fathers With Voices has not diminished the fact that fifteen years later even more men are facing similar challenges related to their children. The most alarming concern is hearing men state over and over their belief that fathers cannot succeed within the legal system.

Every week Mr. Legette will use his seminar to share important keys for fathers to succeed within family court and provide effective ways to diffuse conflicts with their ex-spouse/mate. The seminars will be conducted via Skype and men with access to a computer will be able to see Mr. Legette conduct the seminar. “The technology we have today is something I want to utilize in order to reach as many fathers as I can possibly reach. Holding seminars via Skype makes these seminars very accessible” says Legette.

The seminars will consist of topics related to finding affordable legal resources, how to research attorneys before hiring, legal traps fathers fall prey to, and the most common mistakes fathers make before going to court. The seminars will be conducted two to three times per week in the morning and evening. Fathers who participate in the seminar will receive three months of free consultation through Fathers With Voices.

“My goal is to share with fathers my fifteen years of experience helping other men not only succeed within the legal system but more importantly, maintain healthy relationships with their children and also settle child support disputes. But, fathers must also understand, they must roll up their sleeves and do the work too….I will show them how!” says Legette.

For more info-contact 336-899-3901 or register

Eric Legette is an expert on Fathers Rights and succeeding within the legal system. He has appeared on The Tom Joyner Morning Show, The Warren Ballentine Show, The Steve Harvey Morning Show, FOX NEWS and The Michael Baisden Show.

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